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  1. Adriana dice:

    Hola Juli

    • Junior dice:

      Preciosas fotos. Me ha encantado ver mi Punta desde el mar. Tambie9n ver a Luis cpnntaieaado su barco.Dile a Meli que este1 guapedsima, especialmente en la foto titulada Erosif3n . Y dale un abrazo de mi parte, que hace mucho mucho que no se9 nada de ella.Besos!!

  2. cris dice:

    quisiera saber como consegirlo y si funciona co camara flip

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    • Saifali dice:

      Hola, tengo un hijo de 8 af1os que juega al tenis desde los 6 af1os en GVP DE Villa del Parque, pasando por etcleuisa y ahora esta en pre competitivo. Queria consultarles los dias, horarios y valor de la cuota.Muchas gracias. Marcela

    • Elif dice:

      disse:I tried taking a look at your web site in my conephlle and the format does not seem to be right. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not really working with your site.

  3. Rox dice:

    wow se ve muy bien mas info http://bit.ly/GOKWi9

    • Sonu dice:

      - It was amazing heinarg him talk, Samm I’m so glad I visited the blog earlier this week & found out about this (+an email from lovely Liz Arcus). I was moved from beginning to end exactly how all of you from FIND told me I’d feel if I ever did his Beloved workshop. This was such a small taste but a powerfully moving one and I related to EVERYTHING he talked about. What an amazing mentor you have and what an incredible collective to be a part of. I wish you all the best with that and look forward to crossing paths with you again one day. Hope you settle nicely in Melbourne x x

  4. Salman dice:

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